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5th July 2014


Biar gaul aja. with Ivana and Fidelia at 1/15 Coffee – View on Path.

Biar gaul aja. with Ivana and Fidelia at 1/15 Coffee – View on Path.

18th October 2013

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Desire by CBdO Font.

With over five years of design and development, Desire is a pursuit of epic proportions and ready to make a statement by adding elegance and unique flair to your next design project.

Cultivated by his passion of letters, Charles Borges de Oliveira has developed one of his largest typefaces to date. Featuring 644 alternate letters, 98 ligatures, 8 flourishes and 6 catchwords, Desire offers an expansive set of options to create logos, headlines and titling. It is well suited for book covers, editorial, packaging, advertising, branding and more. From period style and Victorian to modern and elegant, Desire is strong and stately yet elegant and decorous. Some of the alternate uppercase forms feature delicate line flourishes creating a subtle background for additional letters to rest – the result is an intertwining and beautifully flourished design. Unique ligatures go beyond function and add eye catching flair and style.

Desire is truly a designer’s dream come true!

Buy it here:


11th October 2013

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If you miss it.


The Best 10 Sans Serif Fonts of 2013

If you’re the one to like to keep it simple and modern, may your designs or layouts need a Sans Serif geometric typeface (yeah the ones that doesn’t have the tiny strokes at the end of every part of a letter).

Helvetica, Futura or Century Gothic are okay, but somethings you feel that you need something slightly different or less overused (more innovative) that’s why I pick 10 remarkable sans serif fonts more of them based on a swiss geometric-style, but every one has its own features and benefits. You can check every detail of this fonts here:

Learn more:

10th October 2013

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GIFs by Silvio Severino (Artist on tumblr)

2nd October 2013

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2nd October 2013

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2nd October 2013

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Bêtes de Mode by Helmo

2nd October 2013

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Photo of him


Photo of him

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1st October 2013

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Fonts Of The Month: September.

This was September on fonts!  Here are fonts featured on Betype this past month, many new releases and some of them are very awesome, check the list:

  1. Brush Up
  2. Bango
  3. Carlino
  4. Ando
  5. Athletico
  6. Reso
  7. Maestra
  8. Geogrotesque
  9. Love Potion
  10. Hand Gothic
  11. Hamerslag
  12. Mrs Summer
  13. Appareo
  14. FunFair
  15. Mauritius
  16. Brisko Sans
  17. Effra Corp
  18. The Woods
  19. Regan Alt
  20. Pluto Sans
  21. Erotica
  22. Nanami
  23. Helia Core
  24. Brooklyn Samuels
  25. Portsmouth Second Fleet
  26. Posterizer KG Inline
  27. Felice
  28. Bookeyed Sadie
  29. Brownstone Slab
  30. Core Sans G
  31. Alek
  32. Quiroga Serif Pro
  33. Posterizer KG Sketch
  34. Metronic Slab Pro
  35. Delgado
  36. Quan Slim
  37. Center
  38. Core Slab M
  39. Wide Display
  40. Olech

You can check:

And if you want to see all this fonts and its details you can check: It was a very good month :)

19th September 2011


Title : Sometimes

Artist : OHNO!

Director : Samuel Kyle

Producer : Samuel Kyle

Editor : Producer

D.O.P : Prenza Muhammad

Ass. Producer : Maria Kibtia

Talent : Sabai Morscheck and Freddy

Special Thanks to :

Riyo Wadiarto

Ivana Tanos

Ernest Irwandi

Ismiaji Cahyono

Angelique Krystle

Febby Rusli


This is my first Final Project in my Pelita Harapan University.

Please Enjoy